The modern solution is a durable coating.

Shingle roof repair enables home and business owners to breathe a sigh of relief.

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Shingle roof repair enables home and business owners to breathe a sigh of relief. The expense of replacing an entire roof is avoided while the useful life of their existing roof is dramatically extended. Leaks are eliminated, and shingles stop blowing away in the wind. Let us introduce you to the new universe of engineering that has overcome the problems of shingles.

The modern solution is a durable coating.

Forget adding and replacing shingles. Forget about pulling them all off and starting over. The solution is to seal them up without taking them off. We are confident in the value of coatings for shingle roof repair, because their weather-resistant and energy saving quality has been consistently.

Beautiful in its simplicity, and beautiful looking

The best solutions are not complex. In this case, the uncomplicated solution is to cover and seal your roof with a seamless, specially-engineered acrylic coating.

How its done:

Shingle Repair

First, to make the final "look" uniform, any trimming, fixing or repairing of shingles is accomplished.

Comprehensive Cleaning

Next, the shingles are comprehensively cleaned of oil, dirt and debris. Nothing will get in the way of the bond between your current roof and the new coating of protection.


Caulking of the entire perimeter of your roof uses a fast-drying product specific for this part of the shingle roof repair method.


A uniquely formulated primer is added next, using a sprayer and rollers.

Base Coat

A base coat is applied by spraying and being back rolled to fill in the cracks in the shingles.

Top Coat

Finally, the finishing top coat is applied and also back rolled to make sure no remaining cracks are exposed. The end result is a seamless system that will no longer leak and shingles won't blow away in a wind storm any more.

Adding that "sandy" look: On homes or commercial buildings - where the roof is part of the exterior décor - customers ask for the option of adding granules to the final coat. This replicates the traditional "asphalt" shingle appearance while adding greater durability.

This uncompromising but uncomplicated shingle roof repair system is the choice for value-minded customers with troublesome shingle roofing.

Why is it such a good value?

Cost Savings

There is no need for tear off of an old roof; eliminating this part of re-roofing cuts costs nearly in half.

Quick, Simple Installation

Quick, simple installation saves you labor costs.


A ten year warranty demonstrates how much you have extended the life of your existing roof.

Longer Life

10 years is the average trouble-free life of an asphalt roof. Coatings as shingle roof repair effectively double the time your roof is of service.

Color Choices

It can be ordered in a color that matches or complements a building exterior.

Energy Savings

You get significant energy saving white or light colors.

Custom Solutions

When we earn your business, you eliminate cookie-cutter answers. We are second-generation roofers, who had the foresight, and saw a need for the uncomplicated value of roof coatings vs standard roofing materials.


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