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Innovative solution to chronically leaking roofs.

This roofing innovation saves you money initially, and then continues to provide savings for the life of the roof

Polyurethane foam roofing is the innovative solution to chronically leaking roofs or roofs with condensation problems; an effective alternative to a costly roof replacement; a cost-effective extension of the useful life of your existing roof; and you make your home or commercial property significantly more energy-efficient.

This roofing innovation saves you money initially, and then continues to provide savings for the life of the roof. Spray foam has an R-Value of 6.8 per inch and is an insulation and roof system not just a roof.

A long-lasting roof with lasting savings:

Our polyurethane foam and coating roofing comes with a ten to twenty year warranty, and of course, it's longer-lasting than that. If your goal is to delay roof replacement, you've really made that a future expense you can budget and plan for. If you've chosen it as a "green" upgrade, the years of service ensure the roof will be in place long enough to "pay you back" in utility savings.

How we apply a foam roof:

Existing Roof Prep

Your existing roof is cleaned or prepped for the spray foam. i.e. rock is removed from the roof.

Poly Sprayed On

A minimum of one inch is sprayed on. We can spray the foam as thick as you want! This is a great time to add insulation to your building our foam has an R-Value of 6.4 per Inch!

Base Coat

A base coat is then applied to the entire roof surface.

Top Coat

Lastly, a top coat is applied to the entire roof. Now you have a brand new white roof with added insulation that has a great warranty!

Other significant features!


It's seamless. A standard single-ply roof has hundreds of feet of seams and hundreds of fasteners. Seams can leak and fasteners allow for a heat sink, which lessens the R-Value of your insulation. But with no breaks in the coating, there is no place for water to get through and the spray foam uses no fasteners so the polyurethane foam has no heat sink!


Polyurethane foam roofing results in seamless, top-grade insulation of your home or business. It has a 6.4 R-value per inch, and with our coatings are 85% reflectivity, which means it deflects so much of the sun's energy that it can pay for itself in four to seven years in lowered cooling and heating costs. It also "holds in" heat loss in winter, reducing heating expense.

Easily Repaired

If hail or a falling branch damages your polyurethane foam roofing, it is easily repaired and restored to its seamless look and leak-resistant form.


Foam is lightweight, so it generally does not exceed the load capacity of your structure. In fact, it adds tensile strength to your structure.

Great Look

It's a great "look" for home or business. We can even add granules to the top coat, giving your roof a textured look similar to asphalt tile.

Stops Condensation

It will stop condensation from forming on the underside of your metal roof!

Custom Solutions

When we earn your business, you eliminate cookie-cutter answers. We are second-generation roofers, who had the foresight, and saw a need for the uncomplicated value of roof coatings vs standard roofing materials.


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