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Long run they cost much less.

We use the highest quality roof coating that is out on the market today, CONKLIN roofing materials.
We use the highest quality roof coating that is out on the market today, CONKLIN roofing materials. We chose to use these products for our customers. They are more expensive up front, but in the end they last longer and have better energy rating then any other roofing material on the market. So in the long run they cost much less because you won't have to re-roof as often as you would with a cheaper product.

Let's talk about the reasons elastomeric roof coatings are the right choice for your home or commercial buildings Call 605-393-2524 or 1-800-333-2523

Advantages to elastomeric roof coatings:


They are "elastic" (that's how they get the name "elastomeric"). So they expand and contract as the weather changes. In the heat of a summer day, they stretch. At night when it cools down, the coating goes back to its original size. Think of the damage this causes in other materials. They will crack or buckle; the waterproof seal breaks, and you get instant leaks.


They will wrap around a pencil at -30 degrees, other coatings will crack or break in half.

Resists Dirt & Residue

When dust blows, they are engineered to resist minimal dirt and residue pick up.


Because they are reflective, coatings protect from sun damage and deterioration.

Very important: reflective means energy efficiency. This means significant savings for you.

Studies prove that white roofs reduce air-conditioning costs. How? Think of it this way: when you wear a dark shirt in the summer sun, it absorbs the suns rays. Wearing lighter colors in summer keeps you cooler. A traditional dark roof attracts heat, light-colored elastomeric roof coatings do not. The demand drops for cooling inside your building. Your dark roof is making your air conditioner work harder and it wears out faster. With a lighter roof, your HVAC will last longer.

The word reflective explains how light or white-colored elastomeric roof coatings perform. They reflect back the energy of the sun – 83%-86%. This has earned the ENERGY STAR and LEED Green Building certification.

Find out how right it is for your kind of roof

Top four reasons you want elastomeric roof coatings!


Our coatings come with 10-20 year warranties and our roofs last much longer then their warranties baring no 3rd party damage or acts of God.

No "Tear Off" Costs

You may not have to pay for "tear off" of your existing roof depending on your situation. Elastomeric roof coatings are sprayed on top of what's there (after careful preparation of the surface). Tear off can be a large cost in roof replacement.

No Dead Weight

The roof coating does not add "dead weight" to your building; there's no negative effect on the structural integrity of the structure.

Work on Various Roof Types

Elastomeric roof coatings work extremely well on various roofs, including BUR, modified bitumen, metal, cement, spray foam and EPDM.

Class A Fire Rating

In addition, your Metal Roof system has a Class "A" fire-resistance rating.

Custom Solutions

When we earn your business, you eliminate cookie-cutter answers. We are second-generation roofers, who had the foresight, and saw a need for the uncomplicated value of roof coatings vs standard roofing materials.


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