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Metal roof coatings stop leaks

Innovative metal roof coatings are perfect for commercial and agricultural buildings.
Metal roof coatings stop leaks, treat and prevent rust, while turning your roof into an energy efficient cost-cutter. Because metal roofs are practical and popular, our service takes them to the next level of durability and usefulness by coating them with a proven upgrade.

Think of it as metal restoration (MR). We call it MR because that's exactly what happens when you invest in metal roof coatings. It makes sense to take steps to restore the metal and ensure its longevity before applying a coating.

There are a number of coatings on the market. Our expertise includes advising you on products recommended for metal that we have proven successful in South Dakota and surrounding states. Consider the time and expense of ripping off your old roof and replacing it. That cannot compare to the affordability and efficiency of the process of metal restoration. There will be no disruption to your customers, clients or employees. The roof will not have to be opened up to make your venerable to the elements.

How we seal a metal roof:

Power Wash

First we power wash the entire roof with a weathered acrylic cleaner or rust cleaner if the roof is rusty.

Stop Rust

Second if there is rust we will apply a primer to kill the rust and stop it from growing.

Seal Seams

Then we spray our base coat on every seam and lay fabric into the wet coatings and another base coat goes on the seams.

Tighten Screws

Next, all of the metal screws are tightened and caulked as a further precaution against leaks.


Finally, the top coat is evenly sprayed over the entire surface for a seamless, nice clean white look to the entire roof.


The materials carry a warranty of up to 18 years.

Additional benefits to our MR roofs besides being leak free:

Reduces Energy Use for Cooling

Because it is a reflective roof, it can cut roof temperature by 30%. This means that heat isn't passing into your building, which dramatically reduces energy use for cooling, or increases the comfort level of the building if not cooled by HVAC.

Energy Star Approved

Our metal roof coatings earned the government's ENERGY STAR approval.

Reduced Utility Cost

Your utility costs will drop and the roof begins paying for itself in savings. You can recoup the full cost in seven to ten years.

Class A Fire Rating

In addition, your Metal Roof system has a Class "A" fire-resistance rating.

Custom Solutions

When we earn your business, you eliminate cookie-cutter answers. We are second-generation roofers, who had the foresight, and saw a need for the uncomplicated value of roof coatings vs standard roofing materials.


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