Single Ply System

A single ply system forms a long-lasting barrier on top of your existing roof. You get unparalleled leak protection and energy efficiency for your commercial or industrial structure. It is among the most affordable re-roofing options, and is the ideal upgrade for most flat or low-slope roofs.

You can't afford not to look into a single ply system for the roof of your building.

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How the single ply system is applied:

  • Roof Prep +

    Roof is prepped by either removing gravel or loose debris from roof.
  • Insulation +

    Usually a layer of insulation board is laid this will most likely be 1.5 inch ISO board; it has an R-Value of 6.4 per inch. If needed we use a tapered EPS to create a slope in the roof so there is no ponding water on the roof.
  • Flexion +

    Next we will unroll the rolls of Flexion and attach them to the roof with screws and plates.
  • Seams welded +

    The seams now get wielded together using a hot air machine that melts the two membranes together.
  • Edging finished +

    Lastly, any penetrations or edging is dealt with according to manufactures specs.
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Why our single ply system beats our competitors!

  • Warranty +

    We use the Flexion™ system. It's made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which has been reinforced with a polymer and with fabric, for superior strength. It comes in two thicknesses 50 and 60 mill; the thickest carries a 20 year warranty!
  • Energy Savings +

    This roofing material is highly-reflective; 85% of the sun's ultraviolet rays are bounced away, keeping the roof cooler, which means a significantly cooler work or living space. These white membranes can pay for themselves in energy savings in four to seven years.
  • Climate Resiliance +

    This new roofing material can take the worst abuse the Plains climate dishes out.
  • Bang for your Buck +

    We give you more bang for your buck per mill by giving you more of the white exposed part of the PVC then most other companies. They give you their 50 mills, but put most of the that millage into the back part of the PVC. This doesn't protect you from the leakage and sun deterioration like the top or white side does.
  • Incredible Strength +

    The Flexion system seams are six times stronger than those on an EPDM roof.
  • Resists Pollutants +

    The membrane is resistant to chemicals and pollutants. So substances in the air outside an industrial building will not damage it. And more importantly, they can not seep into the surface.
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My son and I are proud to offer single ply system roofing, an affordable innovation.
Call 605-393-2524 or 1-800-333-2523 to solve roofing problems on your commercial or industrial building.