Rubber Roof Coating

Rubber roof coating extends the life of your existing EPDM roof, while adding superb energy efficiency and extra protection for your building. Our extremely satisfied customers recommend it as "a no brainer". Ask us about rubber roof coating to solve the problems on your structure.

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Top three benefits of upgrading your rubber roof:
1. A layer of protection
2. years of life added to your current roof
3. substantial cost savings from reduced energy use.

Protection from rubber roof coating: The old rubber on aging EPDM and Single Ply roofing shrinks and cracks. Leak protection disappears, and wind resistance diminishes. A seamless coating - applied to the rubber we refurbish first - results in years of no maintenance and no worries.

The life of your roof is extended with our roof coating. We make certain the coating bonds for years of trouble-free service. How is this done?

  • Power Wash +

    We first power wash the roof with a special acrylic cleaner.
  • Primer +

    A unique primer goes on so our coatings adhere to the existing roof.
  • Base Coat +

    On all the seams and around penetrations, we spray our base coat and lay fabric into the wet coatings and spray the base coat once again over the fabric.
  • Top Coat +

    After your roof has been prepared, primed and patched the entire surface gets top coat sprayed on the entire surface.
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How this roofing solution will save you money verses removing and replacing with a new roof!

  • Reflective +

    A light-colored rubber roof coating covering the dark EPDM reflects 4/5ths of the sun's energy away from the surface. The roof stays 30-50 degrees cooler! This means the retail, office or industrial space below stays cooler and requires far less air conditioning.
  • Energy Savings +

    By way of comparison, an EPDM dark roof barely reflects away six percent of solar heating energy. Think of how hard your air conditioning has to work with a dark rubber roof!
  • Longer HVAC life +

    Not only will you see greatly reduced utility bills, but also a longer life for HVAC systems
  • Cost Savings +

    Those savings cover much of the cost of the rubber roof coating.
  • No Removal Necessary +

    When EPDM and Single Ply roofs get old they start to shrink and crack our roof coatings can save you the cost of having to remove the old roof and install a new one!
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Let us demonstrate how the process goes far beyond a rudimentary "patch". Our customers love the effortless, long-term solution to an EPDM or single ply roof that is showing its age. Get rubber roof coating from a small business owner with years of success at installation.
Call 605-393-2524 or 1-800-333-2523. My son and I are proud to offer this exceptional roofing innovation.