Reinforced Ply Systems

Reinforced Ply Systems are a great solution to many roofing problems! This is where we take our coatings and one of a kind roofing fabric and make a custom fit ply system for your roof! All single ply systems like PVC, TPO ect. have 2 flaws, their seams and around penetrations. With our custom made solution the coating and fabric system is fully adhered and is seamless!

Reinforced ply systems couple the muscle of fabric and the proven might of acrylic for maximum protection. Call 605-393-2524 or 1-800-333-2523 for an estimate.

How the reinforced ply system is applied:

  • Roof Prep +

    The roof is prepped either power washed, gravel removed or swept.
  • Insulation Board +

    Usually a layer of insulation board is laid, if needed we use a tapered EPS to create a slope in the roof so there is no ponding water on the roof.
  • Seam Coat +

    If insulation or plywood is used we coat and fabric all seams.
  • Primer +

    A roofing primer is used for proper adhesion to roof.
  • Base Coat +

    Next we spray base coat and lay our fabric into the wet coating and spray another layer of base coat on the fabric before it cures.
  • Top Coat +

    Once that is all cured out we spray our final top coat to the entire roof for a seamless white energy efficient roof!
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Reinforced ply systems offer superb quadruple protection.
Call 605-393-2524 or 1-800-333-2523 to solve roofing problems on your commercial or industrial building.